4 FOOLPROOF WAYS to Fight FAT During the Holidays!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2016
By Reel Life Fitness

I am going to make this really simple and easy.  I love food...and I don't want to miss out or be deprived of the goodies and favorites...

Follow these 4 fixes and YOU will NOT gain any fat over the holidays....I promise - you won't. 

1. Stay hydrated...drink water all day long....when you get up, throughout the day, and especially before meals.  Check the colour of your pee.....make sure it is not a bright yellow.....seriously....take a look! 

2.  Don't let your food touch...lol (the laugh out loud is from Johnny)  Enjoy everything you would like to eat, the potatoes, the stuffing, the gravy, the cranberry sauce, even a dinner roll with butter.....but don't pile your plate so full that you won't be able to move after.  JUST don't. 

3.  Do you really need seconds?  Chances are there will be leftovers for tomorrow or depending on when you have your holiday dinner - later that day.  There will be more....but space it out.  Are you really hungry? 

4. Have half of the amount you normally do.  I love this tip......especially when it comes to dessert. I NEVER skip dessert - unless there is nothing with chocolate in it.  But after a full Christmas dinner or attending numerous holiday parties- having half of the dessert is perfectly satisfying.  

Whether you are at home hosting, heading out to restaurants, or traveling to be with family......food is going to be all around you, it ALWAYS is.  Listen to your body.....stop when you are full....and if you can get a little sweat on....you might even get rid of some fat over the holidays. Wouldn't that be nice gift for YOU!! 



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