60 Day Challenge 'EVE'
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Monday, December 30, 2013
By Chery Hawrychuk
Last week I posted the fact that a 60 day challenge was fast apprpoaching.  Think about what you want, why you want it, and damn it - just DO IT.  This challenge is about you........about what you want to change, improve, or get rid of.  The only real rule - it has to be measurable.....by March 1st. Not just by you, but by others, by your friend, husband or ME!!!!

I will be watching for posts on the REEL LIFE FITNESS page and the two closed group BOOT CAMP pages.  Don't forget to post your success and struggle.  Every post you make will enter you into a draw........for a fantastic prize....TBA.  I have no idea what the next 60 days is going to bring...other than a newborn for sure. I will busy, but I have my goals, and you will have yours.  

I will be instructing Boot Camp classes up until the baby comes and as soon as I can, you know I will be back at it.  I will blog over the next 60 days and provide tips of the week, motivation and some recipes. I will also be looking for action on FB and on the blog, so if you are joining......then make it count - to yourself. Accountability is the key to success.  Make 2014 the year of YOU. 

A few ideas to get you started -

1) attendance at class - do you want 15 classes a month? twice a week?
2) increase your speed when doing a long run?
3) lose 10 pounds of fat - if you are wanting to be 10 pounds lighter by March 1st - then why not join in on the 10 pound challenge....here is how it works.  Pay $100 on the first day of weigh in (must be done by Jan 4th) and weigh in. If after 4 weeks you are at least 5 pounds lighter, you get $50 back. After 4 more weeks, when you complete the loss of 5 pounds, you get the rest of your cashola back.  It's that simple. Go treat yourself to a massage or an outfit.  If you don't lose, those who are successful in the 10 pound challenge will share your money. Let me know if you want in on this challenge!!!!
4) Improve your performance with push ups, squats and other body weight exercises. 
5) lose inches........

I am looking forward to hearing from you all!!!!
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