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Monday, November 25, 2013
By Cheryl Hawrychuk
I have been told to slow down, breathe, take a rest, stop multi tasking, 'you can't do it all'......the list goes on and on.  Today I saw my obstetrician and at 31 weeks she said, "No need to change anything, keep going, you don't need to slow down.  Baby is head down and you are doing great". 

Like many other women - and men, I suck at taking breaks. When I was pregnant with Johnny and Matthew, I went to pre-natal yoga with Linda. I loved her, the way she spoke, her voice, the way I felt so relaxed after class, feeling more connected to the baby and - with myself. I met friends in those groups over 6 years ago, that I am still very close with and we will always be connected.  

I was able to join prenatal yoga again in September, but unfortunately there was not a late 2013 session offered.  I can honestly say I miss it. Not just the poses, not just the social aspect, but Linda. She sent an email confirming that there will no yoga until 2014.  Here is an excerpt of the email I received......

"I wish you all the best with labour and deliver; And may the dance of weaving another beautiful baby into your life be sweet and supported...enjoy motherhood".

It was just what I needed today.....with all the demands of being a wife, a mom to my boys, running the business, the household, volunteer work........I needed to take a breath and enjoy this last dance of being pregnant, before I get to meet my new precious son.

Thanks Linda, for your kind words......stay tuned for Linda's 2014 Yoga Schedule!

What do you do to slow down? Are you yoga nut? Do you meditate?   
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