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Monday, September 23, 2013
By Cheryl Hawrychuk

I am a bit of a control freak, I know can you believe it??  I like things to go smoothly. I don't like to worry, have doubts in myself or others and hate being stressed.  My husband told me the other day I should 'breathe' more, take little mini breaks throughout the day. I looked at him in disbelief.  My doctor told me I should meditate. That's not really me!

Then I saw this image on AdrenaLynne's FB page from Swan River.  It spoke to me. Nothing I haven't heard before.....but a nice reminder to slow down, focus on the positive, focus on what you have and be in the moment. Don't be resentful, or have regrets. 

I have been coming down with something, perhaps the bug that Johnny had this week. Haven't been feeling 100%.  Taking rests when I can, for me and the baby. When I was doing a walk/run this weekend, I felt a 'stitch' in my side. I know my body - it meant I needed to focus on my breath and breathe 'properly'.  So I did, felt better right away.  


Damn husband was right. I need to breathe!!!! Not just when I am working out....but when the day is busy, when there is too much to do, when I need to escape.  Whether its for 10-15 seconds, or more or LESS.  Breathing is good for me, my soul, and the little guy growing inside of me.

What works for you?  What do you do to manage the day to day showdown, or the crazy meetings in the workforce? Family life and balancing it all? Share it......we can all use some pointers. 




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