Christmas can be CRAZY!!!
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016
By Reel Life Fitness

Christmas is a busy much to do...plan, shop, wrap, bake and for me 'pinch'.  I like to bake cookies with the kids and love a homemade skor bar (they are so incredibly easy to make - almost dangerous to have in the house).  But what I really enjoy is making reminds of my Baba and my Grandmother and this year I switched it up and used my Mom's recipe.  YUM  YUM  YUM!!   My dad loved perogies too...I miss him and especially at Christmas time I always find it hard. So once a year, I take the time to go 'crazy making perogies'.   I love the look on the faces of friends and family when they get their care package from me - it is sure bliss.  

Taking time for important - but it's so hard in December....On November 24th I wrote an article for the Huffington Post about Getting Over the OVERWHELM...I received so many comments from women and moms alike that said 'wow - that's just how I feel' and what a great message.  I too, was a bit overwhelmed a month ago and to be honest last week was dreadful.....

My stress was to the max - the plague that was traveling through our home was hitting be totally honest.......there were tears...not just when I was alone, but I actually let my guard down and with 'some friends' - I showed them that 'it was just too much'.  I was MIA - couldn't teach classes - my boys needed me....they need their Mom. But I still felt guilty that I let people down.   I only did what I absolutely had to do....I asked for help AND I accepted the help when offered.  I celebrated with a friend what I did accomplish.....someone who was there to help hold me accountable. And guess what  - my stress levels decreased.......but.....

Of course I got the flu too.  It was dreadful...but I took some time to think while I was laid up. What was going through my mind.....'I can't be sick, I have to work, I have so much to do...I still have 12 more dozen perogies to make, the wrapping, the packing - it gave me angst just lying there doing nothing. But my body was telling me I stayed still.  The great thing about the flu is that it can be hard to hit, but be over in 24 hours or so. 

Today - I am upright, and feeling a bit stressed but at least I have a PLAN of ACTION...I am on it!!

What about you?  Are you rocking and ready to go for Christmas or are you a bit frazzled and needing a bit of focus to keep yourself as happy and festive as possible?  

For the next 5 days I am going to blog and share with you the REEL LIFE COUNTDOWN to the Christmas Crazies.....TOP 5 MUSTS to decreases your stress this time of year! 5 Days til Santa comes down the chimney....

Countdown STARTS NOW - Day #5 

1. I want you to re-read the Getting OVER the Overwhelm article in the Huffington Post. Check it out - CLICK HERE!! If not, send this link to someone you know who may be feeling a bit frazzled this week.....

2. IF anything resonates with you, I want you to stop and promise you will take some time for YOU!!  Choose one priority to get to today.....follow the steps and celebrate success.  REPEAT this every day before Santa arrives!! YOU will love it. 


Please comment and share your SUCCESS here! 

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