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Saturday, December 24, 2016
By Reel Life Fitness

Santa is coming tonight...all the shopping is complete, the wrapping is done - or almost done. It's now time to relax and kick back. 

What does that look like for you? Do you have a merry beverage, a few bites of baking, cheese dips, bite size chicken and other appetizers? Do you let go and celebrate and throw caution to the wind?  Do you skip a workout 'because it's the holidays'? 

One of the women that I coach sent me an email this week. It was fantastic! It was all about HABITS - building them and getting them to stick.  

When we want to make a change and do something new....we are motivated, the energy and commitment is high - you are in the honey moon stage.....but sometimes, it gets hard, and you lose your mojo or lose your focus....your new habit fizzles and you start over from the beginning. 

BUT what happens when you FIGHT-THRU? What is a FIGHT-THRU? Authors Jason Selk and Matthew Rudy wrote a book Organize Tomorrow Today about giving ourself the discipline to push through those moments when you want to press snooze instead of workout and head for seconds at dinner.

They provided 4 tips that really impacted me in making the habits stick and being your best YOU.  What do you think? 

1. Ritualize - Make your habit truly part of your life...make it easy, to repeat your behaviour.  Sleep with your workout gear...put your shoes in the doorway of your bedroom.  Choose healthy foods to cook with and for meal planning. 

2. Recognize - Simply knowing that you will inevitably encounter that little whiney voice trying to negotiate with you that **today** is the day to skip your commitment is a HUGE part of the process of winning the fight-thrus. Quit being surprized!! Recognize a fight-thru when it's happening and crush it.  "Yes - this is a fight-thru. I've got this!".

3.  Ask Two Questions

  •      How will I feel if I WIN this fight-thru? 
  •      How will I feel if I LOSE this fight-thru? 

4. Life Projection - STOP, take 30 seconds and imagine what your life would be like if you consistently win your FIGHT-THRUS and implement the behaviours you want to and you implement whatever new actions that you are all fired up about.  SEE IT. FEEL IT.  Get excited about possibility and who you are becoming and what your life will look like. 


From now until January 1st...I want you to think about your FIGHT-THRUS....put yourself first, don't talk yourself out of it. YOU know what you want....and FIGHT! 

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