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Monday, November 18, 2013
One of my favorite exercises is the squat.  Straight up regular squat, chair squat, the ultimate cardio squat - the Squat Knee Drive!! Oh wait and that doesn't incluce any of the one legged squat moves or the squats you can do with equimpment - the bosu, the wobble board, step......ah squat heaven.  What I love about them most is that they functional.  Every single day of our life, we sit, in our chairs at the table, at out desk, on the couch and on the toilet :)

So when I do one hell of a workout that includes some squats - or better yet a squat are going to feel it, when you sit.  And if you think of me when you sit on the porcelain throne......I have done my job.  Tonights class was more about core although there will always be squats somewhere in my workouts....can't wait to hear about the fatigue :)

Next time you hear - "Give me 10 squats", smile, and sink down, keep the weight in those heels, push your butt back, squeeze your glutes as you come back up and push those hips forward.  Make them count, burn those booty and legs will thank you!! 

What is your favorite squat? What gets your booty talking to you?  
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