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Monday, August 07, 2017
By Reel Life Fitness

WOW...It's been about 9 weeks since I started the Hungry for Happiness coaching certification.  It has been a total game changer for me...looking at my body, my relationship with food and feelings in MY OWN BODY!! 

I became a Personal Trainer and a Fitness instructor to be work with women, most of whom are make a difference.  To show them that it is possible to live a healthy lifestyle. To be strong, to be lean....and live a long life with their families. Attend preschool and elementary concerts, middle school and high school graduations, wedding days and to see their grandchildren.....THAT IS WHAT I WANTED!!!

My tag line is......'eat well', 'be active', be 'reel'.....but lately I have felt something was missing. 

When I was introduced to Samantha Skelly - the Founder of Hungry for Happiness early in 2017...everything she spoke about rang true for me. From the very first podcast, to the emails, the LIVE event in Vancouver, and now the certification program.  

It all hit home to me - the fighting and hating your body...the restricting of foods, the diet/overeating cycle...the people pleasing, the self sabotage, the shame, guilt and disappointment. I may have been 116 pounds....but I was miserable getting there and hated what I had to do to stay there.....

NOW, after eight weeks of learning about the foundation of the principles of Hungry for Happiness, I am living so differently.  I feel so alive, vibrant, and breathing the lightness this has brought to my life.  I have learned about the need to be CONNECTED to your body, to TRUST your body (because it's always communicating with you), the value and worth of EXPRESSING yourself, the importance of being COMMITTED to being your best and most authentic self....and ACCEPTANCE for the body you have RIGHT NOW!! AND SO MUCH MORE!

For anyone that knows know that I am "doer". I multi task, I get things done, rarely do I take the time for me or to just be.  For months now, I have been has truly been the shift in my life that I needed.  I feel more grounded, my breath is calmer, I am able to make clearer decisions, and be more present with my loved ones.  Most importantly, I am listening to my body. 

What does any of this have to do with a bull you ask?

When I was back in Manitoba, at the Swan River Rodeo, my boys and I rode a mechanical bull.  It was amazing...the exhilaration of holding on tight...being rocked one way and then swung back around.  I may have only last 58 seconds, but it was something that I did and I felt like a kid again....sometimes that's what I feel....emotions and feelings soar and I feel them....then I swing back and let go of them, finally they dissipate, and like a bull, I get bucked off. 

On my trip back home I ran in the rainstorm, I splashed in puddles with my boys, I played on my elementary school playground.....I experienced true expression!  This allows us to be feel free and be exuberant. 

My knowledge about food and body freedom has grown immensely as the coaching program progressed.

This is what I know for certain!

MY body, YOUR body, MY struggle, YOUR struggle with losing and gaining weight.....has NOTHING to do with food....or fitness for that matter.  As I said above, my tag line...'eat well, be active, be 'reel'....was missing was missing the 'feel'....

eat well, be active, be 'reel'...and FEEL! We need to feel our emotions. 

When we do the inner work, and feel our emotions, when we embrace the pain, celebrate the happiness, and experience growth, there is a weight release.  When we stop eating food for numbness and distraction from what we are truly feeling.....we can feel the lightness. I eat food because I am hungry and to nourish my body.  Don't get me wrong, I also eat for pleasure, but what I have realized is that I don't want as much of 'those' foods that make my body feel yucky.   I run because my body wants to move....I box or shake my battle ropes to feel powerful and strong.  I stretch to lengthen my muscles and to prevent injury. 

If you want to live your life on a lighter frame...if you want to be 10 or 15 pounds lighter...go for it. But please, don't do it with restricting food, denial of your true feelings, hating your body, and looking at society's views.   It serves no one....especially not YOU! 

Learning to love yourself, takes acceptance, TODAY!! And if you aren't ready to go for the gusto...start by 'being in the process of loving my body'. YOU will get there...layer by layer, when you express, connect, trust, commit, and show gratitude, you will feel lighter, vibrant and alive.  

What is Hungry for Happiness?  Its' changing your body and changing your life with compassion, love and connection....and it feels fabulous!! 



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