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Thursday, October 13, 2016
By Reel Life Fitness

What is YOUR 'it'? 

For me today's blog was inspired by the rat race - the joy of being a mom, the demands of being a mom, being a mompreneur and finding the balance between them all. 

IT'S about choice, to do IT or not.  To eat the cookie or not, to run or be active or not. To fuel your body with food that your body thrives on or NOT.  To sit down for 5 minutes or to keep going and checking things off that to do list or NOT.

When I dropped off my youngest at preschool this am, I had a conversation with went kind of like this....."It's my day to go for a run....but it's raining, it's my only time I have just for ME.  I don't want to run in the rain, I should go for a run, I am out of my groove....I should just go....BUT -  I could get work done, I could have a cup of tea, I could get the laundry put away.....and so the dialogue continued....

And then IT hit me....

IT'S about time, my body, loving the way I feel when I find the balance.  

IT'S about running in the rain. IT'S about having integrity.....IT'S about being authentic.  IT'S about NOT being perfect and moving forward anyway.  

IT'S about being a role model, a mentor to other women and for my children. 

Today - IT was about running in the rain......IT was about the hill repeats, IT was about the side shuffles up the hill, and IT was the heading up some hills backwards.

IT was about doing stair repeats....IT was about doing a set of singles, IT was doing a set of doubles (skip a stair), and IT was about doing one more set of stairs.....because I CAN!!! And so I did.....

IT was because I needed to 'get my sh*t together' and just do IT. 


If you are feeling that you need a sign, a nudge or just a wake up IT is!  Find YOUR 'it" and do IT!!


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