Merry Christmas....
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Wednesday, December 25, 2013
By Cheryl Hawrychuk
The gifts are open, the children are playing.....the turkey is in the oven. What are you going to do for hours while you wait for one of the best meals of the year? The last challenge of course!!

Today I want you to do Challenge #23 and Challenge# 24:

23 of everything listed below!!

1. fast chair squats
2. stationary lunge - each side
3. push ups (touch your nose to the floor)
4. tricep dips 
Repeat 2 x's 

Follow that by 100 bicycles!  If you have the time, energy and the weather is cooperating, go for a 25 minute walk or run.  You will feel better and get the blood pumping before that tryptphan from the turkey kicks in and you go for a nap.  

Merry Christmas everyone!!!  Isn't this picture of Matthew totally adorable?
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