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Tuesday, September 10, 2013
By Cheryl Hawrychuk

We are just over a week from the first day of Fall, but tomorrow's forecast is for 28 degrees. While it might be a good reason to stay home, have a beer or wine, with some ice cream.  Think about it......soon it will be dark, chilly, and rainy here on the island and you will have wished you came to class and worked it. 

I have had people come to my Boot Camps this week, to both Baby and the regular ones -  not wanting to come.  They were 'tired', others were 'sore', and a couple were 'cranky' - self proclaimed!!! But there were no excuses. And the best part, they felt awesome when they left.  

I love that about a workout, you almost always feel better after being active. In fact, I don't think I have every felt disappointed or worse after a workout. Even if you are going to be late, or will only get in 40 minutes instead of 60....think about finishing and that feeling of exhilaration. 

No matter how busy, how hot, how cold, how rainy, how sore, how cranky, or how happy you are.....when you get your heart pumping, you will smile and the world can always use more smiles.

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Sophie - Thank you, Cheryl! I was one of those people this week. I am so grateful for you and your fabulous workouts (my hubby thanks you, too).