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Sunday, November 17, 2013
About 8 weeks ago, several of the gals who have been coming to Boot Camp decided to come out 'running' around Elk and Beaver Lake. I had to do some convincing, but really if you can trek up McMinn or Haliburton Hills, you can go around the lakes. I just knew it.

Most of us have children, we are up early. So we meet at 7:30 am.  Everyone knows I love to run, and wanted to continue to run as long as possible throughout this pregnancy. I thought what a great way to get some gals motivated to do it and I will get them started. Soon they would become addicted too.   Some days there were only a 2 or 3, other days there were 8. Most of them were new to running/walking, especially long distances. 

I have been there, keeping track of time  - run 3 mins/walk 2, all the way around the lakes.  It has been a fabulous experience - chatting, sharing stories, and maybe a little venting - anything to make the time go by faster.  The weather has been sunny, rainy and chilly!! I missed this morning because of this nasty cold/fever that has been going around. But in true 'Reel Life' form, the gals that were out this morning, took a picture and I wanted to brag/blog about them. 

They could have slept in, skipped, or gone super slow.  But no, they came and there were some Personal Best times in the group. Way to go Tracy!!! I know there is at least one gal who doesn't even like running, but is there week after week Ms. K!!! Maybe I was holding you gals back :)  Sorry if I was. 

It's no surprise I love Fitness and I love to run.  For those that know me - I am also social, I like to meet new people and I absolutely love that new friendships have been fostered while coming to Boot Camp, and in this running group on Sunday mornings.  Thanks gals for making me smile, making me feel like Reel Life Fitness has made a difference in your life.......I see you getting stronger, smaller, faster and I LOVE IT!!!!

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