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Thursday, December 22, 2016
By Reel Life Fitness

Did you read the article in the Huffington Post about being Overwhelmed? Did you set 1 or 2 priorities? I hope so!!

Putting your priorities in check can make all the difference.  It helps put everything in perspective.  There will always be 'things to do' and there will always 'be stress'. But it's how we manage IT, it's about how YOU manage and cope, is what really matters. 

We have 3 days counting down to Santa's arrival....

Today is all about TAKING CARE OF YOU....some people call it 'self care' or 'putting yourself first' be frank - it doesn't really matter what you call matters that we, YOU and ME, that we take some time to nourish ourself and breathe.  This can look so different for every person.  

I have been thinking about this blogpost for awhile now...about what makes some women stronger, more together, confident, successful and HAPPY. I think it's about taking time for themselves. To be passionate about life, to do what moves you, to know why you tick and to do something every day that makes them smile.....something that is their own.  There is so much in life that makes me happy, so many amazing people in my life that contribute to my happiness.  BUT what I need to be happy in my own skin, in my own body, and while on my own journey -- is for me to be truly happy about myself. 

This is hard.....being so honest...this is hard, putting myself put ourselves anywhere near the top of that list.....isn't it? I try and sometimes I saddens me, I feel the guilt. We, YOU and I give and give.... Tell me I am not the only one....

I want you to think about the holidays, this year ending, with the 2017 fast approaching.......what do you want? Do you want to take better care of yourself? Do you want to thrive? Do you want to be so happy that that when other people look at YOU, they become happy too?

I do.....Let's get started on YOU!

Countdown to Christmas Crazies - Day #3

1. YOU time - it can be 2 mins or 20 minutes or maybe a 43 minute time out....ah that seems blissful doesn't it.  TODAY I want you to do something just for, paint your nails, go for a run, walk with a friend you have been meaning to. Book a massage, do one thing that is JUST FOR YOU. NO guilt, think of it as a reason to celebrate - YOU!I went for a 6km run with a friend 35mins - right in the middle of a jam packed day. Felt fantastic!!

2. Do your best....YOU don't have to be perfect! YOU need to be good enough....every day...because if every day you are 'good enough' then every day is getting better and better. 

3.  Life is's not a dress rehearsal......we are only here once! Those are words that I have be saying for I am going to add "DON'T have any REGRETS". Do more of what you love, and less of what you don't. CHOOSE to be happy with those around you. Cherish the moments in your life with those that mean the most, because time flies......My dad always told me 'time flies when you get older, my dear' no regrets..take care you YOU!

Please comment and share your SUCCESS about YOU below.....

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