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Thursday, October 10, 2013
By Cheryl Hawrychuk

There have been 55 classes since the beginning of May.....when I started this 'Reel Life' journey.  Every workout different and many, many locations. Predominantly sunshine and fabulous weather. Today was only the 2nd time we had rain since May, can you believe it? We were supposed to be going indoors for classes on September 24th, but we were able to push the dates back, week after week because the sun kept shining.  I kept watching the weather all week, I wasn't sure how many people would show this am, but I was ready. Some stairs, hills, tabata and pyramid of squats, side lunges, shoulder presses and bicep curls. 

Six gals showed up today, ready and prepared to work and get wet.  Sometimes it's hard to stay comitted and motivated when the weather changes. Yet another reason to stick with the 100 Day Challenge, be accountable and do what it takes to be successful for the next 87 days.  Rain on the westcoast, snow on the prairies, weather can really challenge our desire and determination.  I am soooo proud of those that came out this morning.  Way to go!! Do what it takes, move, you will feel fabulous afterwards. 

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Nerissa - Oh man yes! I was just talking to a girl today about how hard it is to start the car up 8:30 pm in 40 below weather! I would take rain over the bitter cold....but in that moment of rain that would feel most terrible. Your mind can sure talk you into all sorts. You know after the fitness you feel soooo great and say thank god I did something today about my health and mind.