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Wednesday, March 19, 2014
By Cheryl Hawrychuk / Natalie

I always knew I wanted to help people, I wanted to make a difference. For those that know me, are aware that I was a Child Protection Social Worker for almost a decade before having children. Once I decided to stay at home to raise my children, I really didn't want to go back to that job. THEY, say find a job or career that you are passionate about, that doesn't feel like work. Time and time again, class after class, hill after hill, push up after squat, I do NOT feel like I am at 'work'. Then I get emails like Natalie's.  The best part, I wasn't expecting it, what a fabulous woman, with a journey behind her and an adventure waiting for her. Thanks Natalie!! You rock, for your honesty, your comittment and your success!  Here is her WOW story:    


Growing up I was always overweight and in highschool struggled a lot with body image etc. I had a beautiful mother and sister who got all the attention, and I was just the responsible/outspoken/funny one. After high school I started walking everywhere and the weight started to come off. I did struggle a long time with eating disorders and not really ashamed to say that because I feel so many do in their own personal ways but hide it. My whole goal was just to be skinny no matter what it took, it became was my whole life. And I became very small. When I got pregnant I was so excited and scared at the same time.


At the time I weighed 125 pounds thinking how can I gain 30-35 pounds??? LOL my though at the time was "why in the world would you gain more than the baby plus 20 extra?".... Well the day I had my son I had gained 80 pounds. I could not believe it, and he only weighed 6 of it :(

I had read so many people walked out of the hospial 10,15,20 pounds down, well I had somehow gained a pound :( about 2 weeks before he was born I remember standing at the finish line with my 2 nephews ( my sister, husband & brother in law were all running the 8k or half good life marathon), 9 months pregnant feeling awful, watching all these fit, toned people running looking good and all I could do was cry. It was a bad day.

After leaving the hospital with my son we just started walking everywhere and a few pounds came off but not much, a few months later I did weight watchers and some more weight came off, but then I felt off.
Then one night in June of last year a friend posted on facebook that they knew of a woman looking for 20, newish moms to try a 6 weeks baby bootcamp, I signed up thinking I have nothing to lose. I got an email saying I was on the wait list, my thought was thank god, at least I can say I tried LOL (I have never actually worked out besides walking before in my life).
One night I got an email saying some woman had dropped out and I was in. I though "oh shit", I was going to go the first day and then bail.  So I went that first day and I was not sure what to really think, I was completely overwhelmed and after the class I could barely walk to my car, start it or even drive home. For some reason there was no class a few days later, thank goodness because I could still not move. After a few days I was feeling better and actually went to the next one, and I loved it. I just kept going. I made it like work, it was not an option of if I would go, I was going  - no matter what. After the 6 week trial I continued and have kept it going. that was almost 9 months ago :)

Last year a few days before the good life 8k I had a few drinks with many with my family and I signed up. I was not sure how I was going to do this because the farthest I had ever ran before was 2 km - so I figured I would go in blind :) The morning of the race I pulled out my cutest work out outfit because I figured if I have a bad time or do not finish at least I will look good. My husband and I figured my time would my about 60 minutes, well after the finish line he sends me a text and says "holy crap, did you see your time??? its 45 minutes" I could not believe it, I was on cloud 9 :) right now I am signed up for 2 more races:)

If I had never dragged my butt to Cheryl's trial class's I can 100% say I would not be where I am today!!! Her classes/lifestyle tips and way of life have completely changed my life and the way I am. My goal in life now for my body is not to be skinny, now it is to be healthy and strong and show my son & husband that their mama/wife rocks and can do anything. You can now see muscles in my tummy!!! I could never imagine that on me!!!
Reel Life has made me realize "yes you can have bad days but tomorrow is a new one". I actually run 10k every Sunday morning now for fun, if you told me that a year ago I would have thought you were high!!! I have meet some wonderful women who have become such great friends and without them or Cheryl's classes and motivation I do not know where I would be today. 


Thank you for everything with all of my heart. These classes mean more to me than I can even explain :)

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Sophie Bird - Awesome, Natalie! Awesome, Cheryl!