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Life is about decisions we make, everyday.  What are you going to eat, what are you going to wear, whether you are going to be active, read a book, or watch tv. Spend time with the kids or clean the bathroom.  So many choices, and so little time.  You have family commitments, jobs, commutes, and housework. Where do YOU fit in?  Then there is the guilt.....

At Reel Life Fitness, the focus will be on balance, moderation, and setting realistic goals for success.  Changes that you make will become habits for the rest of your life.  This will include eating a variety of foods, being active, having rest days and treats.  Because isn’t that being "reel"……having an ice-cream or a beer on a hot summer day. Enjoying a holiday dinner with dessert, without guilt or depriving yourself, feeling discouraged and giving up. 

Life is not about the snapshots of time, when you lost the weight to go to your high school reunion, or for your cousin's wedding.  It’s not about the desire to fit back into your pre–pregnancy jeans.  It’s about everyday fitness, and being healthy, so that you can keep up with your children, grandchildren and be there for their graduation, and wedding day.   Being "reel" is about  being active, moving your body, challenging yourself, having fun and finding the balance between rest and the commitments of life.  It’s not having a preoccupation with a number on a scale. 

Life is not a dress rehearsal……we are only here once……WE ARE ONLY HERE ONCE. Make the most of it.  Living a vibrant life begins with enjoying food, all foods, learning to enjoy being active and moving.  Reel Life Fitness will assist you in making goals that you can stick with and accomplish


"I love your Challenges!  It's fun to wake up and wonder what the challenge of the day is going to be.  Just like your classes, you never know what you're going to challenged on; food, exercise, or personal growth.

I've done several of your challenges, and each time, I learn something new about myself.  

You have an amazing talent to make hard work fun!"  - Tracy T.

"I loved Cheryl's way with the babes - it was never a worry if they were being crazy. She knew how important it was for the moms to work out and helped take away the excuses. That was huge!! I loved seeing new parks, loved the variety in the workouts, loved how tough they were yet always doable. And never too far from my home in Saanich. I felt welcome from day 1 and every day after. Payment options and rates were excellent and offered lots of choices"   - Mel A.


Make this year your new beginning, make 2018 the year to live a life that is "reel".  


eat well  |  be active  |  be "reel" and FEEL!!!